Instructor Candidate Manual by Richmond Shreve, (c) 2003, 2005
Published by Performance Driving Institute
Soft cover, 8.5 x 11, 68 pages with illustrations.  ISBN 0-9729493-0-5

This manual provides practical ideas to help experienced high performance drivers communicate what they know to students.   It is designed to be an aid in bringing back to consciousness some of the skills and techniques that are automatic and unconscious for experienced racers and high performance drivers.   It also suggests a structured approach to instruction particularly useful to new instructors.   Tables and illustrations compare and contrast the performance of novice, intermediate, and advanced students to help the instructor candidate observe and diagnose problems when coaching students.   A glossary of track terms is included to aid instructors to recognize jargon and to help explain terms commonly used at the track.

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First Edition  (2003)
This is the original version which remains available for those who wish to make additional copies like those they may have printed before the second edition was published.  The pagination of the second edition is different, though it includes all of the original content.
First Edition >> Full Text as a PDF file v3-43cd,1.4 meg,  68 Pages

Second Edition (2006)
The second edition contains 20 pages of additional material which goes beyond the basics and deals with the challenges presented by novice students in hot cars, coaching advanced students, safety of restraint systems in student cars, and more.  

Second (BMWCCA) Edition>> Download or view text without cover (free) Full Text as a PDF file v4-22cc, 1.8 meg (Press Ready) 88 Pages

Second (BMWCCA) Edition>> Paperback, perfect bound, $8 per copy buy from on-demand printing.