Elder Drivers
Older drivers can profit from high performance driving skills.  A writer friend of mine, Ann Medlock, participated in a car control event on the west coast. Afterwards she wrote  Granna Burns Rubber which I include as a download below.  Over a year later  she emailed me to relate how she was able to avoid a head-on collision because of the confidence and car control skill she acquired at her BMW club car control school.

If you think about it, it's not surprising; we teach people to do the three things that are critical to accident avoidance: anticipate, use the full capabilities of the car, and never stop driving the car while the wheels are turning.  Seniors may have slower reflexes and be less athletic than most of our sports car enthusiast students, but the advantages of learning to drive well are available at any age.

If you have friends or loved ones who haven't updated their skills in half a century, you would do well to share the items below with them.

" Granna Burns Rubber " (c) 2005 Ann Medlock (used by permission)
"life saved" letter  (Enjoy more of Ann Medlock's work at: http://www.annmedlock.com/index.htm)

There are many resources for elder drivers.  Both the NSC and the AARP courses are good, but involve no in-car instruction.  The various BMW chapters sometimes offer car control and autocross schools. Check out the chapter website local to you.  Skip  Barber offers an excellent course, and charges appropriately -- students get to abuse school-provided Mazda cars and trucks, instead of the family ride.

Defensive Driving (National Safety Council Link)
AARP "55 Alive" course locator  

BMW Car Club of America Chapter Finder
Skip Barber Car Control Courses  

Note: The links above were current as of 2/10/2007.  If you find one has changed and no longer works, please email me at pdi.pubs@comcast.net.