About PDI
PDI develops and publishes teaching and educational materials that support and advance the sport of high performance driving.  

High Performance Driving is the art and science of driving an automobile at the limits of the capability of the vehicle and the driver.    For the owners of sports cars, the sport provides an opportunity to learn to drive skillfully and to experience what a well engineered car can do.   

Events are conducted at sports car tracks, frequently the same tracks used by NASCAR and other professional racing contests.  However, high performance driving is not competitive.   There is no start or finish and no winner or champion.  Each student seeks to maximize his own skill and enjoyment.

The sponsoring clubs create a setting where students at all levels can learn as safely as possible.  The sport is inherently dangerous.   However, race tracks are controlled environments that reduce some of the inherent risks.   Safety equipment and well developed standard practices also temper the dangers of driving at the limit of control.

On the highway at normal traffic speeds the experienced high performance driver has knowledge and skills that equip him or her to anticipate and avert danger in ways that most good drivers have never learned.

PDI seeks to encourage the safe and pleasurable development of these advanced driving skills.